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The best period for career development

Article #1: Individual chances for the person of every known generation to occupy the leading post frequently define from the starting line. Changing of a job place, usual location or even family status - all these, as a result, can easily affect your success and help or, vice versa, lead to fiasco in career advancement ... read more

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Time is money!

Article #2: One of the prominent aspects in determination of profitable staff at work is the ability to efficiently manage time. Subsequently, it becomes an indicator of employee personal effectiveness or, in most cases, even collective one ... read more

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Do you have a chance to build a career?

Article #3: Nowadays the youth, competence and even talent don't give you absolute guarantees in obtaining the high position. Frequently it depends on the stable ties, preferences, patronage and favor, particularly in large corporations. The usual age of applicants, inviting to vacancies of top managers, are from 27 to 40 years; but, as a rule, this factor isn't definite ... read more

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Express your disapproval correctly

Article #4: Often showing your discontent and expressing a complaint, we forget as our words can be unpleasant to the interlocutor. After all, very few people like to be discussed or especially criticized. Don't forget that in everything some restraint is necessary ... read more

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How to overcome somnolence at work

Article #5: Even if you really like your job, happens that you need to perform uninteresting tasks. Monotonous and boring work constantly reduces concentration of the person's attention and causes fatigue. It is more peculiar to office workers who all day long looking through monotonous reports or completing different forms. We want to share with you some ways of how to overcome drowsiness at work ... read more

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Wrong beliefs can frighten you away

Article #6: What prevents you from finding a new place of work? Perhaps you have some fear that there are candidates who possess more professional qualities? Or else you firmly believe: ... read more

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First meeting with the boss without mistakes

Article #7: The "conversation" with future superior is the substantial chance for the applicant "to reveal" himself in full measure. Don't be too garrulous and opinionated though. Imagine that your interlocutor is "the purchaser" and you are something like "a product of sale". It is simple approach but still it should be supplemented ... read more