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How to overcome somnolence at work

Article #5: How to overcome somnolence at work

How to overcome somnolence at work

Even if you really like your job, happens that you need to perform uninteresting tasks. Monotonous and boring work constantly reduces concentration of the person's attention and causes fatigue. It is more peculiar to office workers who all day long looking through monotonous reports or completing different forms. We want to share with you some ways of how to overcome drowsiness at work.

Determine the cause

First of all, it is necessary to identify the reason of the increased fatigue. Perhaps, you work without days off or long time didn't take a vacation. And there can be you go to bed too late and simply don't get enough sleep. In this case you won't be able to deceive your organism.

However, it isn't excluded that certain aspects of labor to result in your sleepiness. Means, you need to find an occupation which will help you to regain forces. The working atmosphere can be the cause of drowsiness - monotonous talks of some employees or quiet, relaxing music. Therefore you should turn your attention to something bright, positive, and rhythmical.

What you shouldn't do

If you actually wish to overcome somnolence, forget about instant coffee and cigarettes. Also it is impossible to use synthetic products (chips, instant mashed potatoes, fast prepared soups). They create additional stress on your liver, kidneys and digestive organs.

Don't take alcoholic drinks. They can be the cause of your dismissal. Moreover, almost all professions require absolute sobriety and maximum concentration.

The same applies to energy drinks. They quickly will help to cope with drowsiness. The Guarana extract which is a part of many energy drinks improves your mood and causes a rush of vitality and energy. But there are also side effects - an additional load on the kidney, heart and liver. These drinks cannot be drunk daily.

Sweets, tea and coffee.

Correctly brewed instant coffee will help to restore your working capacity approximately during an hour. However, it shouldn't be abused. Black and green leafy tea causes a feeling of cheerfulness for about 20 minutes without any side effects. For real overcoming of drowsiness, it is desirable to drink them without sugar.

Healthy candy, energy bars and dark chocolate are also good. All of them give the cause of a cheerfulness charge and efficiency. But, on the contrary, the fermented dough buns, spicy and fatty foods are not recommended to eat.

Change the kind of work

Switch to something else. Try to find an occupation which will cheer you up, lighten your mood; will raise a tone and make you active. It is possible to walk buy a chocolate bar, to make a cup of tea or to water flowers. Best of all physical exercises can help you. If there is an opportunity, try to arrange for yourself the sports minutes. It will strengthen health and will give you the chance to feel better.

You can carry out some exercises: sit-ups, push-ups and knee-bends. The inflow of blood will help to be adjusted on performance of office tasks and will save you from feeling of sleepiness. If you do not have the desire and energy for exercises, just get up from the table and walk a little along the office. It may become the first, but not the last your step to the vivacity.

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