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The best period for career development

Article #1: The best period for career development.

The best period for career development

Age matters

Individual chances for the person of every known generation to occupy the leading post frequently define from the starting line. Changing of a job place, usual location or even family status - all these, as a result, can easily affect your success and help or, vice versa, lead to fiasco in career advancement. We know enough examples when unfavorable start didn't affect success in any way or became additional incentive. Chances of an ordinary worker to get an advance and to achieve an attractive position depend on at least two elements of factors - personal and professional qualities, and specifics of a functional environment in which person is going to build or builds career. According to experts, the bank and insurance sphere, for example, remains rather conservative in respect of granting opportunities of early managerial growth. There is also some vocational and social "maturity" to perform a stable "upward mobility" in this sphere. Therefore, it is quite usual standard for companies such as large banks or insurance offices that 18 years old novice shouldn't expect the rapid growth here. On the other part, recently formed an opinion that the specialist who hadn't taken place as the head till 30 years definitely missed the chance in "career life". Following simple logic, if you start your management career in 18, there is no doubt too early, but if you start it at 30 - too late. So, it is really paradoxical opinion. Nevertheless, ambitious young specialists should succeed at this "age-related interval".

When it is best to start?

"Speaking about the occasion when the employee becomes a leader for the first time, certainly there is an age factor. And it is significant," the director of one PR agency considers. Optimal limits are 22-32 years. So, 22-23 years old employee, who got well education plus parallel has been actively practicing, can already be formed as a prosperous leader. For example, he has evinced an innate charisma and professionalism. "Practically from about 27 to 32 years there is the most appropriate period for growth's opportunity. It means that you can take a likely leadership appointment, moreover this possibility is approached to maximum exactly at that time," recruiting experts affirm. "Indeed, the young, energetic and educated manager undoubtedly has more chances to get the high position in comparison with 50-year-old administrator or yesterday's students. Now the best capability 35-year-old specialists have. Well-educated person of this age now can easily succeed his job and successfully gets a perspective place in a serious company or large corporation, having even "modest" special experience," qualified PR-managers conclude.

The appropriate choice

Features development of chiefs career often are defined by age of officials, heads of different ranks and subordinates. Hardly even imaging that too young specialist will gladly welcomed in a solid team, where work 40-year-old people, and the chief is about the same age. And vice versa - the adult and experienced colleague most likely won't become a part of young and cheerful team of former students. In most cases at staff recruitment, average age of most of staff of the company is considered, and new people are often taken in the same range, supposing this factor important for creation of successful team. Partly for this reason in the market operate both the companies with relatively young team and the collectives consisting of older people. Also, it is possible to speak and about a varied "career charge" of people belonging to different age categories. Inner features of generations are difficult to specify, but in some cases they play an important role. For example, people who had been suffered from crisis during adolescence saw all the difficulties associated with the work that their parents experienced. Therefore, from an early age these people were goal-seeking. The value of financial independence, freedom of professional choice for them is really high. By now, many of them have achieved success in their work, and they have more chances to become the leaders than senior colleagues. But you shouldn't forget that there are exceptions to every rule. And a lot depends on the personality, business and professional qualities. And it doesn't matter how old you are.

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